Memento mori! Inheritance management with Bitcoin

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As the saying goes there are only two sure things in life.. Death and taxes (not very sure about the latter though). So, i have some stash of bitcoins that I have migrated from various exchanges to my ledger nano S. Now though, i am thinking of how to ensure that my wife and kids get my bitcoins in case I pass away… with one condition though… I don’t want to share the private key with my wife yet. I would like her to have it only in case I pass away. One idea that have crossed my mind is to actually split the private key written down on a piece of paper in 3 parts and store them physically in 3 deposit boxes in different banks. But this idea in the first glance seems like “overdoing” and unnecessarily expensive (at least USD 150-200 a month). On the other hand its quite some bitcoins that I would like to secure, so what would you guys propose as alternative methods for ensuring that they are not lost if I am dead or disabled?

Thank you!

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