Suggestion: A call for all Bitcoins wallet providers to run an LN node/channel. Here’s why…

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One of the biggest concerns the fork crowd has, is that the poorest 3 to 5 billion in the world won’t be able to afford opening an LN channel to participate in the Bitcoin economy.

This concern can be eliminated by smartphone wallet app providers having their own LN node/channel (apologize, I don’t know the proper term here)

Five or 10 years down the line, this will probably be ubiquitous. But we should get the conversation going now.

It’s my personal opinion that there’s nothing more important than the poorest, and most oppressed in the world, being able to exit fiat and participate in this new economy.

I believe Bitcoin will benefit all of us, but I believe it was primarily made for them.

How close are we to Lightning being stable/safe enough for us to begin making this request of wallet providers, and even insisting on it?

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