Willie Wang and Matt Helmer of the Abra product team here to answer any questions about Abra and our new feature allowing users outside the US to invest in stocks and equities using bitcoin (and other cryptos). Ask us anything!

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Hello, Willie Wang, VP of Product at Abra here to answer questions you might have about Abra. I’m joined by Matt Helmer, PM at Abra, who will be helping answer questions. We’ll be here taking questions for the next 24 hours to make sure our international friends have time to catch this AUA.

We’ve made some significant product updates to our app — most notably the general release of our latest feature, the ability to invest in stocks and equities using Bitcoin. (Note this feature is only available outside of the US currently.) We’re excited to get feedback from the Bitcoin community about this next use case for Bitcoin…and anything else you’d like to ask us about Abra and how the product works.

PROOF: https://twitter.com/AbraGlobal/status/1138860778478592000

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