Indian Bank Account Closure: Why Bitcoin Is Important

I wrote this article here for The Whale Reports about a bank account that was closed in India due to a cryptocurrency related transaction. The banks now know Bitcoin is an unstoppable force and they are attempting to censor it. Check out the article here: submitted by /u/thedragonbtc [link] [comments]

Please say to everybody is closing. Since the Minimum amount is 20.000 sats and the set network fee for on-chain withdraw is 10.000 sats I have lost my funds. Although a bit.

They were on web also they deleted the wallet app from Google play. ​ I wrote the letter to submitted by /u/Moace [link] [comments]

We just started our first Bitcoin-only business!

Hello everyone, ​ We’re 3 students and 1 ASIC designer doing research in cryptography in Shenzhen, China and we have decided to open up a miner company using our research to improve performance on mining rigs. ​ We recently got some investment from a chinese investor and managed to build prototypes of our new miners … Read moreWe just started our first Bitcoin-only business!