Earn cryptocurrency online for free.

Earn cryptocurrency online for free

Yes, you read it right. It is possible to earn cryptocurrency online for free. There are different ways to do so. One of the easiest ways to earn cryptos online currently is to join crypto faucets.

In essence, a crypto faucet works as a rewards system. After joining a crypto faucet and performing some actions (looking at advertisements, visiting websites, watching videos, playing videogames, answering surveys, or performing other tasks) a small amount of crypto currency is given by the faucet to the user as a reward.

What is a good crypto faucet?

My favorite crypto faucets currently are the ones attached to the microwallet CoinPot.co

How to join CoinPot.co?

First you have to create an account at CoinPot. After that, use the same e-mail to create an account on all the other crypto faucets associated with it:

How to earn cryptocurrency on these crypto faucets?

After joining the faucets, you can claim a small amount of crypto periodically by hitting the button “Claim” on the pages. You can also make extra crypto by completing offers or surveys on these websites. If you refer people, you can also make a percentage of their claims. Your crypto balance will be available at CoinPot and you will be able to withdrawal it to any wallet address that you want.

Is this some sort of pyramid scheme?

No. The crypto faucets receive money from other companies that want to advertise their products and services to an online audience, and they just repay a fraction of this money to the crypto faucet users. Furthermore, no upfront money or deposit is asked from the users to join these services, so it is essentially risk free.

Keep in mind, however, that it will not be a lot of money initially. If you decide to invest your time on this, you are doing so hoping that the price of cryptocurrencies will continue to increase exponentially in the long run in a way that the small amount of crypto that you will make now will become much more valuable. If you need immediate money, mathematically speaking you are better off finding a job, your returns in the short term will be much higher ! Alternatively, even if you work with something else you can register on these websites and just obtain a tiny amount of crypto sporadically while you are browsing the internet for other reasons.

Are there other methods of earning crypto online?

Yes, definitely. Reading and publishing in websites like Publish0x is another example. Browsing the internet using the Brave browser is another. Over time you will be able to find different methods of how to earn cryptocurrency for free in this website.